wouldn’t you just love to jump into the wrong relationship, get broken and become a better person? Continue reading HEARTBREAKS, A MIRACLE.



‘Sacrosanct’—it was the term she used when I asked mom her opinion on this. Well, my super Nigerian mom is in the wont of talking about family values, and somehow manages to chip it in on almost every unrelatable conversation. I just couldn’t write this without her help. So thanks mom. People are different—I’ve learned this over time, and so are families and their beliefs. … Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR EXISTENCE LIKE?

The Other Girl– Her Rival

In a conversation with my hairstylist, I got to know that she has more male than female friends. This isn’t because she wants it that way, but because she feels much comfortable that way. I also had the privilege of talking to a few other people on their preference of friends based on sex, and most of the responses I got, although different, were basically … Continue reading The Other Girl– Her Rival

INCLINED– ‘Confused is Good’

Ever felt like a mother? Perceiving the sounds of your off springs and shutting them out slowly, as they have now become distasteful, and harkening to the voice of one, who now unconsciously has become your favorite? How can there exist such proclivity? Such bend, even between they, who possess same fluid. Disintegrating womb mates and severing long affection, and worst of all, stirred by she, … Continue reading INCLINED– ‘Confused is Good’